We live in amazing times.

I’m fascinated by the way that new and emerging technologies are impacting human interaction and human development. A process that is accelerating.

I’m a serial entrepreneur and sold my last venture, a mobile multimedia business called 3ple-media, to a US private Equity firm in late 2010. Since then I’ve been working on a few projects in areas which are personally very interesting to me.

I’m Producer of Twittamentary a feature length documentary which examines what social media means in the lives of everyday users. Available on Amazon and iTunes shortly.

I provide start-up advisory to a couple of interesting start-ups. In 2011, I provided acquisition advice to NewNet on the Acquisition of the WiMax Business Unit from Nokia Siemens Networks.

I’m currently doing business model validation in a couple of start-up areas: online media distribution and online identity.  I also have interests in Green Tech, mHealth, mEducation, mGovernment and online citizen advocacy.

Posts are about all of the above, and more. I hope there are one or two items here that you find as interesting as I do. Happy reading 🙂

Note: Following inquiries about guest posting, it makes sense to add a few guidelines. Pieces should:

  • Explore ways that technology is impacting human interaction and human development
  • Look to the medium term say 5 to 15 years out (i.e. writing about christmas sales of iPhone Vs Android is probably too close in…)
  • Be of interest to people in the business your covering but understandable to your mother (i.e. limit the jargon please)
  • Highlight some of the collective choices that we are making – either actively or by default

Contact me with a brief synopsis.

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2 thoughts on “About

    • Hi, glad that you like the topics. I’ll add some short guest-post guidelines in the next couple of days and lets see if there’s a fit. If you’d like to catch up on skype my ID is: stjohndeakins

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